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Frequently Asked Questions

LetMeWatch is a browser extension that offers end-to-end movie/TV show streaming, maximizing ease of use and convenience by sifting through a multitude of free streaming services and locating the highest-caliber video that is available. Best of all, LetMeWatch is — and always will be — absolutely free :)

1. Download LetMeWatch for Chromium browsers (Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, etc.) or Firefox.
2. When you're ready, press Alt-M() or Opt-M() to discover a supreme viewing experience.

**For an optimal, ad-free experience, use LetMeWatch with the Brave browser, or with AdGuard, a free browser extension that blocks ads.**

Simply put, yes! Rather than downloading content locally, LetMeWatch instead streams media directly to your device. This completely eliminates the risk of viruses and ISP violations that come with torrenting, so sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite shows and movies with no VPN necessary.

Rather than hosting any content itself, LetMeWatch uses a plethora of REST APIs to retreive media metadata and then reroute you to a number of pre-selected third-party servers. Furthermore, LetMeWatch is completely open-source, meaning you can view the entire codebase here!